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Marty Norman

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Resources Give Me A Call Or Send Me A Message Via Facebook Chat At The Bottom Of My Site!

I Speak.

I believe in the power of the spoken word.Social Media is my primary platform.My passion is to speak at high schools, colleges, recovery events, rallies, correctional facilities, etc.I have a weekly show @MartyNormanLive called Monday Motivation – The Outside Issue Show, where we discuss topics ranging from addiction, mental health, recovery, fitness, habits, inspiration, motivation, taking ownership and creating a healthy mind, body and spirit.FULL DISCLOSURE: WE KEEP IT REAL, WE KEEP IT RAW. #TALKHARD

I Create.

I have created a world in my recovery. I own four life-changing recovery homes.I have created an entire social media platform where I can reach as many people as possible.I am a Certified National Interventionist. A Certified Recovery Specialist. A National Outreach Coordinator, as well as a Public Speaker.I speak about creating your own world in recovery, as I believe happiness is a by-product of our own choices, actions, and the daily grind.We are all creators. So be careful what you create.

I Coordinate.

I work as a National Outreach Coordinator, helping to assist numerous individuals on their journey to sobriety. I own and direct recovery homes as well. If you are open minded and willing to do the work, I will have your back and get you where you need to be.



Marty Norman

Marty is so much more than a person in long-term recovery. Marty is the voice of hope for the hopeless. A voice of freedom from addiction. A voice that breaks the silence because silence is killing people. Marty has the solution.

No excuses. no blaming. no complaining. Just finding the solutions.

Recovery Options

I’m a National Outreach Coordinator, and I assure you that we can get you the help you need.Whether you have private insurance, Medicaid, or no insurance, we will get you in contact with people who can help.

What I do

My passion and purpose in life is to provide hope, and to assist people who are struggling with addiction, find the treatment and recovery they need.I am in long-term recovery myself. I struggled with addition for over 20 years.I have been clean and sober now since July 1st, 2014.Trust me… If I can do it, ANYONE can.

About Me

Marty is so much more than a person in long-term recovery. Marty is the voice of hope for the hopeless.A voice of freedom from addiction.A voice that breaks the silence, because silence is killing people.Marty has the solution.
No excuses. No blaming. No complaining.Just finding the solutions.